>>  Scientific management, staff care, to create a clean and safe production and living space;
Abiding by the law, prevention pollution, to realize harmony in resource utilization and enterprise development

 We are committed to, in any stage, time, and process:

* Comply with the national and local regulations on environmental protection and occupational health and safety and provisions of other interested parties and to achieve the objectives of the operation and management of the Company itself.
* Provide and maintain a comprehensive management system focusing on and implementing environmental protection and Occupational health and safety, for continual improvement and efforts to reduce the consumption of resources, to prevent and reduce the negative impact on the environment.
* With work safety as the enterprise’s lifeline and people-oriented, create a stable, safe and comfortable working environment.
* Educate and improve employees concerning their awareness on environmental occupational protection and safety, and understanding of the importance of environmental protection and occupational health and safety, which then can be implemented in the day-to-day work.