Oil & Gas Industry

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With the exploration of world oil and gas reserves and secondary development of shale oil and gas, the world’s existing reserves of oil and gas are becoming less and less. It is more difficult to do the oil & gas extract, transport and refine with renewable or pollution-free energy developed. The oil and gas industry faces more cost pressures, technical requirements for harsher mining environments, and restrictions on environmental protection policies.    

FBV has many years of expertise experience in the oil and gas industry and have various products to be chosen. We can provide the professional solutions to help customers solve various problems in the oil and gas industry. 

In order to meet the complex and variable needs for valves in three different operating conditions: oil and gas exploration section, the long-distance transmission section, and the refinery, FBV made lots of important testing such as API 591, API 624 and ISO 15848 focusing on the key points of safety, stability, and sealing performance. The valves provided by FBV are safe and reliable on the current oil and gas pipelines and also help customers to reduce maintenance costs.


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