Petrochemical Industy

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The chemical industry is more and more subdivided and chemical processes are increasingly complex, and the types of pollutants involved in the process are numerous, the toxicity is also greater than other industries, and the pressure on the environment is increasing.

Modern factories have been striving to reduce external emissions, protect the safety of the environment and human health, minimize the damage to the natural environment by chemical activities as much as possible, and seek the sustainable development of the chemical industry;

The government departments of various countries have always paid high attention to the safety and pollution problems in the chemical industry. The entire industry is faced with strict supervision. These requirements are not the same in different countries and regions.


FBV valves adopt the latest internationally advanced design standards, manufacturing and acceptance standards to meet the safety and sealing requirements of chemical production in different countries. Our design and manufacturing capabilities and extensive industry experience can help customers deal with issues in a variety of industry applications.

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