Gas Pipeline
Characteristics of working conditions
The main components of natural gas are methane and hydrogen, and a lot of impurities such as H2S and SO2 are mixed. Before the natural gas is desulfurized, these impurities will react with iron to form iron sulfide, which can exfoliate in flakes and erode mechanical equipment. Even if the natural gas is treated by desulfurization and other processes, there is still residual hydrogen sulfide.
Recommended valve selection

In order to overcome the corrosion of impurity gas on the valve and ensure the gas sealing performance of the valve, FBV recommends soft seat ball valve with fire safe design and anti-static structure or fully welded ball valve.

When choosing metal materials for FBV soft seal ball valve, in order to prevent corrosive gas from eroding the valve, the corrosion-resistant and sulfur resistant materials in line with the current concentration of H2S will be strictly selected to effectively eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by medium corrosion; PTFE, Devlon, Viton and HNBR with excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, self-lubrication and elasticity are selected for non-metallic sealing materials to improve the sealing performance of the valve. All valves are 100% gas seal tested with zero leakage prior to shipment to prevent the leakage of medium, which may cause serious impact.

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