Abrasive Service
Characteristics of working conditions
The oil and natural gas just extracted from underground oil wells often contain sand and other hard particles, which are easy to wear or wash the sealing surface and inner cavity of the valve, and may also accumulate in the middle cavity to affect the valve opening and closing.
Recommended valve selection
Considering the influence of these granular media, FBV recommends to use metal seat ball valve. The sealing surface of FBV metal seat ball valve adopts supersonic spraying or thermal spray welding process to increase the thickness and hardness of sealing surface coating, improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance. Different coating materials can be selected according to the temperature, hardness and sealing grade requirements of working medium to fully ensure the current sealing surface normal use in granular environment;If the particles in the middle of the pipeline are not allowed to stay in the valve cavity in the particulate medium environment, the metal seat plug valve and FBV self-developed cavity filled ball valve can also be selected to avoid the accumulation of medium in the valve cavity and effectively prevent the medium particles from agglomerating or crystallizing in the valve cavity, affecting the normal use of the valve.
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