High Temp Service
Characteristics of working conditions

The pipeline medium is high temperature medium, which has higher requirements for valve seat sealing surface, gasket, packing and other sealing materials. These materials are required to be in the middle of corresponding high-temperature environment, which can withstand these temperatures and achieve normal sealing function. Therefore, sealing materials with good thermal stability should be selected in material selection.

At the same time, the influence of high temperature medium on the non-metallic parts and operators of the actuator should be considered to ensure that the handle, hand wheel or other operating mechanism can be used normally in the current environment.

Recommended valve selection

According to the temperature of different working conditions, FBV is recommended to use high temperature resistant gate valve, globe valve, check valve and ball valve.

In the design of FBV valve, according to the influence of high temperature on packing、gasket and operating mechanism, the valve shall be extended or heat dissipation device shall be added properly to avoid oxidation of gasket and packing or damage of non-metallic parts in actuator under high temperature condition, so as to ensure normal operation of valve in current working environment.

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